How Music Affects Woodworkers


Woodworking is a strenuous activity. It takes a lot of determination and skill to be able to work with wood day in and day out. The task involves dealing with heavy weights. While a few small pieces of wood are light on their own, together they can constitute a considerable mass. A standard human being would have difficulty picking a load of wood up, let alone transporting it from one place to another. This makes a woodworker’s strength all the more impressive.¬†

Of course, it isn’t possible to work with wood using only one’s hands. While hands play an important role in moving things and keeping them in place, they can’t actually cut or alter the wood physically in any way. For this, tools are required. Woodworkers typically use industrial grade tools to get the job done. There are many steps involved when working with wood to create something out of raw material. These steps include basic things like cutting, sawing and grinding and advanced procedures like painting and varnishing. Each of these steps can more or less be performed with basic tools which are rudimentary in nature. The problem with this approach is that simple tools lack precision and are relatively harder to operate. This results in a woodworker having to put in more effort to get the same job done. The smarter approach of using advanced tools is taken instead.

When it comes to cutting wood, nothing beats the table saw. One of the most common uses for table saws is to break up larger chunks of wood into smaller pieces with great safety features. These pieces are smaller in size and easier to manage and use. That’s why the typical woodworker loves this kind of saw.

While the table saw performs well in most cases, there are some instances where one could find it to be lacking. As an alternative, a jigsaw can be used. Unlike the table saw, the jigsaw is a handheld device. This makes it easier to cut large objects with. One of the drawbacks of being handheld is that it is less powerful. Though it can cut just about anything with the rapid movement of its blades, the fact remains that it’ll take a longer time to accomplish this than a stationary saw would. Another problem that pertains to battery operated jigsaws is that they can’t be used for prolonged periods of time. The battery is only capable of keeping the saw on for a limited duration of time.

Working with wood can be pretty exhausting, as we’ve discussed. Woodworking projects have the potential to drain a person’s energy rapidly. One way of overcoming this and feeling more energetic is to listen to music. Music’s ability to alter a person’s mood and motivation has been extensively researched. Most findings have concluded that it can have a profound effect.

The effect it has on woodworkers is likely to be even more noticeable due to the strenuous nature of the activity. Quick beats that are fun to listen to can provide a quick burst of energy by stimulating the mind. Music can also make a tough job feel more tolerable. It alleviates boredom by dispelling monotony. The sound of new music keeps things fresh and interesting for woodworkers.

¬†Besides these benefits, music also has the advantage of being something that’s universally enjoyed. Though personal tastes vary from person to person, there are some types of songs that everyone enjoys. By playing these songs in a group setting, camaraderie and friendship are built. People form a strong bond when listening and singing along to music they like together. This is great for woodworkers since they usually work in groups. Woodworkers who listen to songs together can form a stronger team by understanding each other better. This leads to an overall increase in productivity and also improves the work environment.